Quality // heart // honesty

Daniel Truhlář

Google Trusted Photographer

+420 776 232 953dan@zero-one.cz

Architecture // Interiors

You are unique just as anything in this world. You want unique photos that not only represent you, but also the philosophy that defines your personality. I pay attention to details and I listen carefully to recreate your vision. You are in the right place.

Virtual Tours

An interactive tour must be as perfect as the photo itself, in spite of the facts that it shows much more from your vision. Each virtual tour requires not only precise workmanship, but also a big attention for details. A bit of heart and soul can show, that your space is just right for your clients.


Not only by eating bread human beings can survive. In the ocean of possibilities you can make infinite choices. But only some of these choices can pick you up from the depths of the ocean above the surface. There is no need to hide at the bottom.


There are regular photos that tell you about how you look on the outside. But there are only a few photographers, who can also show the beauty of your soul. It is so easy to wake up and know that you are truly beautiful. And you have the right to enjoy the pleasure of picture taking.


A photo captures the magic of one single moment, but a video tells the story of your life. Show your clients a footage, that will make them feel like… sharing the adventure right with you. Allow me to be your narrator.